How One Woman Celebrated 100 Years Of Health

Jean Goldsmith was born February 15th 1919 in East London in the United Kingdom. She just missed out on the great war but was bombed mercilessly in the Battle of Britain in World War 2 and has seen more trends and swings in political discourse, populism and technological upgrades than 99.5% of the worlds population. She remembers having pneumonia in the 40’s, chronic flu in the 50;s and one of her grandchildren Simonne, survived leukemia as a child in the late 60’s. Now a great great grandmother and living in Melbourne she feels more alive and healthy now than vast portions of her life before this. The key to her longevity and health success? Yoga and olive oil. She says she regularly takes part in digital yoga classes from the comfort of her town house in St Kilda where she has lived for the last 10 years since emigrating to Australia in the late 80’s from the UK. She still walks to the local shops every day and has a bet at the tab on the “gee gees” and really shows no signs of slowing down as she hit the centenary.

Jeran received her letter form the Queen of England that congratulated her on her well and long lived life thus far and there was a suggestion in the card that she should enjoy the occasion by doing something she has never done before. Jean felt only too happy to oblige and so she asked her great grandchild, Sarah to organize a surprise one off party and to include something that she had never done before and would never do again.

So what did Sarah choose? A male stripper to come to her party and to perform a centenary strip tease. Andrew at turned up on time and was take aback by the recipient of his 5 minutes of fun.

“I wasn’t expecting Jean, I thought that the party was for a friend of Sarah who booked it but Jean was so much fun and really enjoyed the experience. It was more awkward for me than for her but when `I found out it was for her 100th birthday, I couldn’t think of charging for the occasion and so we did the routine I gave her a kiss on the cheek and wished her many more first time experiences. It was a lot of fun.

Good for you Jean. All that Yoga has paid off! …

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Is the digital health for women’s businesses across Australia up to Scratch

In Australia, women of all ages are learning key lifestyle tips and tricks to take them through to their older years and to preserve a youthful complexion as they begin their retirements, Thanks to blogs like health for women, women in their 20’s and 30’s are learning about the natural challenges that they will face as they progress into their older years and are taking necessary precautions to their life-style choices now so that they have an easier and more enjoyable retirement in the future. The tips and tricks they learn are not jut about physical and mental health but also financial health too There are more small businesses run by women now as a percentage of the population than at any point in the past and this number will continue to grow as the digital revolution continues to reshape the business environment.

As business owners, every female who runs their choice of venture will have a website and will have to make certain marketing decisions that will hopefully boost their visibility to their audience; which can be both female and male and will have to establish along the way a mechanism to determine the best path for their precious marketing dollars so that they can grow their business frugally.

One such concept for them to consider is search engine optimisation which is a method to acquire visibility in the highest regions of search engine results pages and where they dont have to pay for the clicks to their website that they receive. According to SearchButlers an SEO agency based in Melbourne, a successful SEO campaign is dependent on the health of a business web presence. You can have a website health audit run on your own company site for free if you speak to the team in Melbourne and they will give you the tips and tricks about your website’s wellbeing just like we give you tips and tricks about your physical and mental wellbeing.that can help you elevate your website.…

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How can women manage SAD?

There are plenty of effective, treatments out there and you can talk to people within the health space – your doctor or nurse, or perhaps another professional about your options. Don’t be shy, some women will speak to one or a combination of these options.

I’ll start with some sort of lighter therapy, which can include (but not always) being in front of a box every other afternoon to increase exposure to light or the essence of it.

Most people will begin using the box concept when their symptoms first start, in the autumn and will try to use it daily until at some point the symptoms go away, – which will usually be later in the year (so in the spring or summer). Typically, your doctor, nurse, or a mental health professional will be able to prescribes the light box. I cant recommend it highly enough. They will tell you when and how you should sit or stand in front of the box and for how long to do so so as to get maximum benefit. Make sure you check in with them to see how it’s working out and allow them to tweak the approach as necessary which will depend on your progress.

Other ideas that have worked for my peers are things like cognitive behavioral therapy specific to SAD. This concept is a type of talk therapy or discussion assessment that you can do with a mental health professional. This concept which is not always known as cognitive behavioral therapy but also mind shape management targets thoughts and internal behaviors that may be getting in the way of you feeling as best as possible. The cognitive part focuses on ideas and concepts such as examining and navigating negative thoughts. Sometimes even challenging them. The behavioral part focuses on areas of your mental well being such as scheduling positive and pleasant outdoor activities.

Some people will fall into a negative cycle, where they feel a little bit down. Don’t let that some people be you. Reach out to us today for more info on SAD as if left unacknowledged it can begin to set in and take hold of your thought processes which is something that is harder to undo as time goes on.

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