What services does an airplane based air ambulance service provide?

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Are you wondering what kind of services airplane based air ambulance company offer to their client?

Worry no more, we shall unveil five main services rendered by air ambulance companies. Below are
some of the numerous services offered by airplane based air ambulance service providers;

 Medevac Service

 Medical Treatment Service
 Ground Ambulance Transport Service
 Medical Escorts Service
 Large Event Medical Staffing Service

Medevac Services

One of the basic services rendered by an air ambulance company is medevac services to patients who
require medical attention while onboard. Patients who have a medical condition and require to go back
to their country are given the needed medical assistance. Since human needs are different, so also, it is
important to use an airplane based air ambulance company that offers versatile medical needs in
different forms.

Medical Treatment Service

Air ambulance also offers different medical treatments for different patients. They provide smooth and
fast medical care to people who need urgent medical attention. They are equipped with the right
equipment to care for the medical needs of their patients.

Ground Ambulance Transport Service

Since medical care is inevitable in human existence, there is a need to embrace the air ambulance
service. The ground ambulance transport service offered by air ambulance comprises medical
professionals who evaluate and assess medical situations and ensure the stability of patients in remote
locations. They further help to transfer patients with serious medical issues to the airport or a local
facility for proper care.

Medical Escorts Service

Here is another major service offer by an airplane based air ambulance companies. Although this
function is not limited to only air ambulance service. Here, a team of medical professionals accompanies
a patient who is in the critical care unit. Here, nurses or doctors can travel with a patient with a
commercial flight to guarantee the patients safely arrive home.

Large Event Medical Staffing Service

Special events like concerts, soccer games, marathons, and more may attract individuals around the
globe. The service provided by air ambulance companies is medical staffing for the event. These services
include ground transport service and medevac service in case any medical emergency arises.

The above services are some of the main functions of airplane based air ambulance companies. You can
reach out to us for further inquiries.